About Campbell-York Catering

My name is Philip J. Grobbel. My business is based on the idea of all businesses having their own “Food and Beverage Department”.

I have extensive experience in corporate food and beverage (35+ years). Working as a Certified Executive Chef for a hotel investment corporation for many years I became the Corporate Executive Chef as well as Corporate Food and Beverage Director.

These positions gave me the experience to manage multiple hotel food and beverage operations across Michigan. What I understand about supplying catering to corporations is being applied to Campbell-York Catering. My company works closely with clients to understand their budgets, provide the best food and service within their budgets and provide ordering convenience as well as on time delivery. It is my goal to provide a relationship with my clients that eliminate worry about pricing, food quality, meal variety with timely and professional service. We want our clients to be comfortable with Campbell-York as their own “food department”.

Of course with my years as an Executive Chef and Corporate Food and Beverage Executive also gave me the ability to understand what clients need for their social gatherings as well. Campbell-York provides food and service for weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversaries and any other social event. We have a great property – The Grand Harbor Banquet Event Center – with two of the most unique rooms on the Detroit River that you will experience in Southeast Michigan.

The food provided for both social and corporate meals is truly fresh and creative. I understand corporate needs as well as the needs of the clients for social events. We are professional – and truly believe working with clients – no matter the size of the event – is necessary for our common successes.